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Let’s Do Lunch!

Lunch at Tower Tandoori is whatever you want it to be! Whether you’re looking for the perfect venue for a business lunch or a relaxing meal with friends, we’re here to ensure your experience is a memorable one.

Our Chef has created a simple 2 course lunch menu, which consists of classics, Indian fusion dishes and some lighter options. The Lunch menu is just £9.95 per guest. We also have alternative Lunch promotions and our usual A la carte menu available aswell. Please click here for all Lunch time offers.

We understand some of you may have work commitments and only have an hour for lunch. Please do let us know and we will do everything we can to ensure you are In and Out in under an hour!

If you’re looking to take lunch back to the office or to enjoy outdoors, take away our popular Classic Lunch Bag for only £5.95! If its a bigger take away for the entire office, we have special lunch deals and discounts for our regulars.

Finally, if you’re looking to treat everyone to a unique Indian Buffet Lunch complete with cutlery and waiters or a lunch time delivery order, we can deliver direct to your offices or the venue of your choice. We need a little notice, so do give us a call on 020 7237 2247 and speak to Suhel to discuss any of your lunch requirements.

Happy Lunching!


Did you know, a traditional Bengali lunch is a seven-course meal! The first course being Shukto, which is a mix of vegetables cooked in light spices. The second course consists of rice, lentils, and a vegetable curry. The third course consists of rice and fish curry. The fourth course is that of rice and meat curry. The fifth course contains sweet preparations like Rasagulla, Pantua or Sandesh. The sixth course consists of Payesh or Mishti Doi (sweet yogurt). Finally, the seventh course is Paan, which acts as a mouth freshener!